Help! I can't login!

This is usually because either your password or username is not being entered correctly, although sometimes you can be automatically blocked due to too many failed login attempts. Don't worry, this is only a temporary security measure.

The username should be the email address or name that you joined with. You will have created this yourself when you initially registered for your product, along with your password.

Don't forget to always check your junk mail folders for your joining emails and receipts, especially if you use Gmail, and also manually search your emails for the joining details that are sent to you. You can use as your search term.

If you don't have your password to hand then you can use the 'forgotten password' feature from just below the login form. Following the process will then give you the login details you require.

NOTE: Upon first joining, there may be a moments delay before your account becomes active. Should you be logged in and still see that you cannot access any downloads then please wait a minute and try again. Once your account has been processed then you will have full access to your products.

If you still cannot get access then simply submit a support ticket and we will be happy to assist.

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